To breathe beauty. Surrounded by elegance. A collection of fragrances that seduce the senses. Creations to smell and touch. To admire as works of art that satisfy a new desires for pleasure.

Olfactory design conquers our lives. Perfume takes shape. Torre of Tuscany, designer of high quality home fragrances, celebrates Italian style through the philosophy of Art Perfume. Six refined home fragrances expertly balanced to interpret the mood of contemporary spaces. Six hand-engraved glass bottles made by Tuscan craftsmen. Unique creations that combine the intangible charm of scent with the elegance of shape and colour. True objets d’art to choose for the pleasure of scenting and furnishing the home, in search of a personal aesthetic and olfactory sensitivity.

Romantic clouds of distant atmospheres, floral sweetness, sparkling cocktails of citrus and spices, musks and voluptuous resins: every Torre of Tuscany creation is born under the sign of the uniqueness. The fragrances express the virtues of precious raw materials, carefully selected and blended by expert maître parfumeurs. The bottles are created and glazed by skilled artisans, then decorated and packed individually. An exclusive range for those who love Italian style for the home. A design collection originating from a long creative journey and a successful cooperation between culture, taste, production and territory.